November 19, 2011

Tips & Tutorial : Make-up Emergency

Have you ever forget to bring or losted some make-up tools? Like you drop your mascara somewhere, or losted your lipstick in your giant bag.
If you have ever experienced it, these tips are useful for you as a clumsy person as i am..

November 13, 2011

November 11, 2011

Review : Sleek Storm Palette

As someone who often goes for neutral eyeshadows, Storm seemed to be the perfect choice, so say hello to my new Storm Palette from Sleek.

November 6, 2011

Tutorial & Makeover : L'oreal Glossy Smooth and GIVEAWAY

Friday, November, 4th was the greatest day so far. 
I had a chance for coming to L'oreal Headquarter in Jakarta to be part of L'oreal Academy Makeover through this sweet girl's giveaway, Carnellin. She offered 3 types of makeover, and i was picked Inoa Hair Color but I switched to Japanese Smoothing with Tina, another blogger because, obviously her hair is already really smooth and thin ;p  

October 29, 2011

Tutorial : Halloween Geisha Look

It's Halloween !! Everybody come up with their own cool ideas for the costumes and special make-up ! Actually i planned this one week ago but i only had the time to buy the main make up tools just today, so here, i wanna share my (belated) ocassional make-up for this halloween. Tadaaaaa....

The "Touch of Scarlet". 
Many of you already knew about the term of Geisha means, and please do not refer them as a prostitute, The Memoir of Geisha's is not blabbering all the fact. You can read about another sides about Geishas on Liza Dalbys book called Geisha or simply read it on wikipedia here.

October 21, 2011

Review & Sale : Magic Mirror

This post really is special, besides i'm just blabbering about some products, this time, the products are for sale ! 

What makes this mirror different from any other mirror? Let's find out

October 13, 2011

Tutorial : Selena Gomez "I Love You Like a Love Song" look-alike

Hello, gorgeous! So this is my first try to make a similar look from my favorite celebrity. And the prime yet lucky celebrity is :

Selena Gomez!
"I Love You Like a Love Song"

Chubby club alert!