August 29, 2011

Video Tutorial : Curl Your Hair With a Hot Roll

Holla ! Anw, this is the first video i've ever been upload to Youtube. Many friends requiring a tutorial on my blog, and since i have not had the chance to record anything, now please enjoy, and remember that this video is not a promotion tool, just want to share one of my experience in styling my hair. Please leave your comment for the tutorial. Really need a critic here :)

The tutorial mostly talks about how to use the hot roll and this & that. Sooo, enjoy !
P.S. i made a bloopers too! And sorry for the so-so english :p

Song : Breathe by Miss A

Product mentioned :

Super tips for those who are wanting or already have this hot roll :

1. Don't apply it on your wet hair or even semi-dry hair, i've tried it because it works really good on flat iron, but not with this gadget, though
2. Use a hair serum or some kind of Curl Magician cream to make it more curly and shiny
3. If you want the best result, take a really bit of your hair / roll and make sure you brush every hair to avoid tangled hair
4. You can extend the time using the roll since basically its same as any other roll

My real-fake hair, smoothing-ed, bonding-ed, you name it! Straight as a needle. 

I really made a great bond with my flat iron, like crazy, everytime i finished washing my hair, i frequently use the flat iron. It's nearly impossible to have a healthy hair, but when i use a hot roll, it really reduce the damage, because of the technology that still protect your hair from the overheated in the roll, and your hair doesnt make a direct contact with the iron material :)

Doing the side of my hair, don't make it too tight to your skin to achieve the loose curly hair *sometimes i roll it just right next to my ear

Let the magic begins..... :)

It'll look more glamorous if you have a looooooong hair

For those who not really into this natural curl and desire a mega curly hair, you can do with a hot roll too. The key is really roll it as near as you can to your skin/ scalp. Good luck ♥ 


Anonymous said...

hai gita! bagus deh hasilnya.. penasaran kamu beli babyblissnya dimana? masih inget ga berapa harganya? :)

Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

Telimakacii, aku beli Babyliss di Pasar Baru, hehe, tapi wkt itu aku pernah liat jg di Ace Hardware. Harganya aku agak lupa, tapi sekitar 300-500 an, kalo di pasbar merk nya macem2 dan roll nya jg macem :)

Anonymous said...

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