October 4, 2011

Tutorial : Clean Smokey Eyes

Who doesn't know a Smokey Eyes please raise your hand, yep, all girls should know this trend, and it's been a long time since Smokey Eyes become huge make-up must do, and yet it's still going on right now.

And its the simplest dramatic eye make-up, cause you just need 2 types of color, Black and White. And this time i wouldn't go for a smoldering 'smoky' smokey eyes, so you can wear it for a daytime activities. Lets see the steps

My version of Smokey Eyes

Use an eye primer and apply it to your entire upper and under lid, also your brow bone area. Here i'm using Aubeau Eye Make Up Base

Next, take your favorite white or bright silver eyeshadow, use it on your whole lid, this color will help to make your smokey eyes more bold

Apply the darkest color you have, it can be dark blue, dark green, or even dark purple. 
But here i go for the main color of smokey eyes, black, and don't forget to apply it on the outer lid, on the crease, create a pattern excactly like the pic, this will make an effect of your eyes look deep and sharp

Blend it with a blending brush, blend it out along the crease. You can blend it as you like as long as it is shaped, or you will get a messy color

Don't forget to apply the previous white eyeshadow on your lower lashline, also in your inner corner eyes

Use your favorite eyeliner, i prefer gel or liquid eyeliner for more visible look than the pencil. Here i'm using MAC Fluidline

Also add the liner on your lower outer corner of your eyes, and on the water line

Put on some mascara after you curl it, and put it on your lower lashes too. This will make the fake eyelashes glued to your eyes even more, idk if this works on other people, but it works on me :p

Add some glue to your fake eyelashes, wait a moment, and put it in the center of your upper lashline, wait a second, and press the rest corner.

This is important, since maybe you use a lot of dark shade or shimmery shade, it will cause a fallout, don't forget to clean your under eye with a fan brush. And your done :)

Product Used :
Sariayu 25th Eyeshadow Palette (Shimmery Black and Shimmery White)
PAC Basic Make Up Palette (Black and White)
Viva Eyebrow Pencil
Maybelline Magnum Mascara
MAC Fluidline Gel Liner
Ellise Fake Eyelashes

And here's just some silly photos that i took during this tutorial (i just apply a makeup for one eye only :p)


Fenny Wang said...

Hi, it's me again!
I love this tutorial so much!
It's so easy to follow and not looking really harsh.
Please make more <3

Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

Heyoooo agaiin!
hahaha, thankiee darl. i'm trying to show everybody the simplest way use anything, hope that helps yaaa, and yes, i'm gonna make a lot of it :D

Fifi said...

LOL you're so cute! This is a very precise and well done tutorial. Great job!


i love yerr eyes.. Your contact lens is absolutely good,,, Pake apa siih softlens-nyaaa? cakep ^_^

And your gaze is soooo sexy yet feminine.

Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

Merci, gorgeous lady :)

haha, itu pengaruh cont lens nyah, mata saya kecil ga jelas gitu pdhl. The brand is Omega, bought it at Blok M Square, lupa jenisnya apa. Super comfortable though!


Huuuaaaaa gw juga pae Omega daaaaannn,,,, ga cucok! Mata gw perih2 ga karuan. Akirnya balik lg ke a+

Eniwei,, good job ^_^

Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

hoooo, dulu pake X2, itu bener2 parah ga cocok nya, sampe mikir "kok orang2 pada betah sih pake contact lens, kan ga enak"

eh ternyata emg merk nya aja, haha. kok bisa beda2 gitu ya dimata orang2, huehehe

Pinkbuble said...

LOVE LOVE ur eyes!!
Thanks for the nice tutorial ^^

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