November 13, 2011

Video Tutorial : How to Apply a Fake Eyelashes

Find it hard to apply your fake lashes on your own? 
Try some of my technique here :)

Every girl may not be born with pretty thick and long eyelash like you may see in those nice girls on the commercials or magazines. But don't worry! I don't have it too, and they all definitely wear a fake eyelashes! Haha, especially the one in every mascara's ad. It's like an usual thing to do these days. 
So don't hesitate, you can wear it too, i'm not suggest it for daily wear, since it may takes time, therefore i only wear it if i had enough time to do it, you know you can wear a natural one with a clear band and not-too-extreme-lashes for daily activities too. 

And here is how i apply the fake eyelashes :

Music by : Chihiro - Honey (Ost Cardcaptor Sakura)

Meet the tools :

These are the 3 important steps to apply your falsies :

1. Trim off your falsies, measure on to your own eyes.
You dont want your eyes to look obviously fake by avoiding to trim the falsies first, cause it can make it too long across your eye instead of enlarge your eye.

2. Make sure your'e using the real falsies glue. 
This is the most important things that can affect the whole process, you dont want your falsies off so fast, right? So you need the real glue.
Almost every international beauty bloggers use the famous Duo Eyelash Adhesive

but locally, we often use Rubotan. But here i'm using some unbranded chinese glue called Junies (Rp 20,000/$2), it offers two colors, black and white, i preferred black so you can use it along as an eyeliner too, but you can use the white color, cause it's gonna turn clear effect when it gets dry.

And find the differences of these two, they look similar don't they?
But careful, they really different actually, check this:

1. Rubotan has a really good reputation for it's long lasting power, while Pias is so so.
2. Pias is cheaper (around Rp 30,000/ $3) while Rubotan is lil bit pricey (around Rp 80,000-Rp 119.000/ $8-$12)
3. They have the same red tube top, but Rubotan has clear background, and Pias has this star pattern.
4. Pias packaging is rather big than Rubotan

And btw they basically are an eye putti (the eye glue that can make your lid wider by apply it on the crease of the eye) so they have 2 functions.

You can find Rubotan and Pias Eye Putti on Sogo PIM 2, Pasar Baru, Pasar Pondok Labu, Blok M Square, Pasar Mayestik.

3. Press the inner corner of the falsies longer.
Your inner corner is the most watery part of your eye, so you wanna make sure you press hold it longer when you put in your eye and give an extra glue on the inner part.

 The result :

Thats all i can give to you, happy trying and goodluck!
Don't forget, practice makes perfect :)

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